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How to Get Rid of Scorpions for Good With DIY Remedies and Insecticides

If you've encountered your first Striped bark scorpion, you're probably wondering what's the next step to take.

There's just something about warm weather that brings out insects and pests. You might have noticed that mosquitoes, gnats, and ticks are already emerging from the outdoors, and are finding entry points to your garages and kitchens. For some, calling pest control doesn't mean just getting rid of small insects.

In certain states, some households become prone to arachnids. Yes, the spine-chilling family that spiders and scorpions belong to. If you believe you have a scorpion problem, or just want to be proactive about the situation, here are some DIY remedies and products to consider if you're going to get rid of scorpions.

Species of Scorpions

There are nearly 2,000 scorpion species. If you encounter a scorpion in the United States, you may come across the Striped bark scorpion. They are common in Texas and Arizona. The Striped bark scorpion's neurotoxic venom isn't typically fatal to humans. Out of the thousands of scorpion species, about 25 can produce deadly stings.

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How to Get Rid of Scorpions Naturally

Many types of scorpions hate certain smells of essential oil. Create a DIY sprayer with lavender, peppermint, and lemon essential oils. The base of the solution will be water. Spray small entryways such as windowsills and doorways.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions With Repellent

Be aware that, like most pests, you may be attracting scorpions because you're providing them with a food source. (Do your best to make sure you don't have a bug infestation!) Scorpions like to eat cockroaches, beetles, and sometimes even spiders and mice! A scorpion will use their venomous stings to kill larger prey.

1. 15 oz. SLA Cedar Scented Spray

Scorpions also hate the smell of cedar. This cedar scented spray kills scorpions, silverfish, bed bugs, and even cockroaches. Kill the scorpions and their food source. (2 for 1 special.)

2. HARRIS Scorpion Killer, Liquid Spray with Odorless and Non-Staining Formula (Gallon)

HARRIS has a wonderful formula for killing scorpions. Treat hiding places without leaving an odor and staining baseboards.

A customer left a five-star review and said, "We bought this product after encountering a huge scorpion in the garage. After spraying the perimeter of the garage, around the entire house foundation, and the fence line we have not seen another scorpion."

One of the best ways to avoid scorpions is to make sure they won't have a home they find comfortable. Scorpions love living in small crawl spaces, woodpiles, or just about anything that looks like a dark hiding place.

3. TERRO Scorpion Killer Aerosol Spray - 19 oz

This spray provides kill on contact and residual control for over a month. It's for indoor and outdoor use, and customers are happy with the results.

When to Call Scorpion Control

It should be obvious when you have a scorpion infestation. If scorpions are brave enough to come out of your baseboards and small crevices during broad daylight, it sounds like you have a problem.

If you live in Nevada, New Mexico, or even Texas, surely pest control has seen it all and can take care of your problem quickly.