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Canadian Man Stung by Scorpion on United Airlines Flight

United Airlines had a really bad week last week.

Last week was probably one of the worst weeks for PR United Airlines has ever encountered. First there was the fiasco with the passenger being forcibly removed from a flight. But there was also another incident that at least some at United are probably thankful flew under the radar a bit. That was a Calgary man who not only found a scorpion on a flight, but was stung by it!

Richard Bell and his wife Linda were on a flight out of Houston last Sunday when something fell from the overhead compartment above him according to CBC News. Bell picked up the arachnid by the tail when someone else pointed out what it was and the possible danger of the creature.

"So I dropped it on my plate and then I went to pick it up again, and that's when it stung me. It got my nail mostly," Bell told CBC News.

The scorpion ended up smashed after being flicked to the floor and, to the dismay of border agents, flushed in the plane's restroom. A local hospital was later able to alleviate fears by telling Bell there was no danger from the arachnid's sting.

Bell also told CBC News he had no intentions of suing, probably to the relief of United Airlines officials. The airline did give a flying credit in apology for the incident."

There seems to be a lot of strange "animal on an airplane" incidents lately. Just last month, a snake showed up unexpectedly on a flight in Alaska.