FAA Investigating YouTube Stunt Where People Shot MP5 Out of Airplane

Was this stunt with an MP5 and airplane legal?

Authorities and even the people involved seem to be confused over whether a YouTube stunt involving an airplane and an MP5 submachine gun was actually legal or not.

In a video that has the Federal Aviation Administration investigating, Tampa Bay gunmaker Mark Serbu, his daughter, and YouTuber Dan of "Do it with Dan" take off in a small plane and take turns shooting into the Gulf of Mexico. You can see the video below.

As you can see in the video, even the people involved weren't entirely sure the legalities before they took off. Unsurprisingly, authorities with the Tampa Bay Police Department and the FAA were quickly alerted soon after.

The video was temporarily taken down by Do it with Dan, but was then re-uploaded later.

"There was no one close to us, no one for at least 10 miles," Serbu told the Tampa Bay Times.

It sounds as if the Tampa Bay Police have already decided the stunt was legal since there were no complaints and no apparent risk to anyone else. Guy Haggard, an aviation issue lawyer, told the Tampa Bay Times the stunt could fall under the definitions of dropping objects from a plane, something that isn't entirely illegal under the right circumstances.

"People use helicopters for things like hog hunts," Haggard told the paper. "In Florida, you can shoot guns from the sky in some situations."

It is true there's no shortage of videos on the internet featuring people shooting from helicopters. Airplanes seem a little harder to come by.

The FAA is apparently still investigating the incident, but Haggard believes they may also ultimately conclude it was legal.

What do you think of this stunt? Harmless fun? Or is this something that should be illegal?