Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Bug Guard

This Canopy Chair Will Shield You From Irritating Bugs

The Kelsyus Canopy Chair with Bug Guard is perfect for anyone who can't stand bugs.

Any outdoorsman who says they're not bothered by bugs is a liar. They're inevitable, but they sure are pesky creatures. Insect bites aren't fun at all. The constant itch from mosquitoes will eventually make you irritated, making you ready to head back indoors.

You probably have your favorite camping chair that you swear by for many reasons. Portability, comfort, and maybe even price. But does your camping chair protect you from bugs?

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair with Bug Guard

  • Large cup holder with O-ring (Roomy enough for cell phone and keys too.)
  • Provides 50+ UPF sun protection
  • 250lb weight capacity

The Kelsyus Canopy Chair is here to protect you from bug bites. There's a canopy-to-ground bug net that has a front zipper closure. The net will stay in place; it's equipped with weights at the bottom.

I'd say this outdoor chair probably has your current lounge chair beat out by that spec alone. It is foldable, so be sure to keep the carry bag around for easy portability.

As for comfort, it's also top-notch. The oversized seat offers ergonomic comfort. You won't feel antsy and ready to stretch your body out. Customers are saying it's the best outdoor chair ever. See what these customers had to say about this great chair.

It sounds like you need to keep this chair in your trunk at all times. Bugs aren't just only a problem at camping trips but are bothersome at sporting events. Tailgates would be much more enjoyable with this folding chair.

This will be on the only portable chair you'll care to take to outdoor events. You might even be tempted to get an extra one to have at home. It's the perfect lawn chair for family get-togethers. While everyone is passing around a bottle of bug spray, you'll be content in your canopy chair.

Once summer comes around, you'll have the perfect beach chair.