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Walmart Customers Are Giving StingEze Insect Bite Relief Perfect Ratings

StingEze is a top-rated insect bite relief applicator.

Insect bites are inevitable. Even with the best insect repellent, persistent mosquitos, deer flies, and chiggers will still target your ankles and arms. Regardless, it's always best to be proactive with a high-quality repellent. Another way you can take charge of bug bites is with the best relief.

Walmart has an itch relief dauber pen for only $7. The StingEze pen has 4.9 out of 5 stars, and customers love it. A customer said that they're allergic to insect stings and used it on six bites. Amazingly, StingEze stopped the itching and swelling immediately.

StingEze Itch Relief Dauber Pen

Mosquito bites are awful to deal with. Especially if you're allergic. If you've ever experienced quarter-size swelling, consider packing StingEze insect bite relief in your first aid kit.

Active ingredients include small amounts of anesthetic, phenol, camphor, and benzocaine. The triple-action formula works excellent on fire ant, tick, mosquitos bites, and even bee stings. Bee stings aren't fun, and the second you get stung by a bee, you're going to be wishing for instant relief.

Keep in mind that this formula is meant for bites and stings (external use only), so be sure not to use it on large areas of your body. Only use on the bite area or affected area. Applying the relief is easy since it has a convenient sponge dauber applicator.

You'll find another trustworthy review from a long-time customer saying, "I started using this product 40 years ago, and it has never let me down. Wish I could find it in stores." You may have difficulty finding it in stores, but Walmart has it in stock online.

This first aid antiseptic seems highly-respected by outdoor enthusiasts. It's warm outside, which means pesky bugs are making a comeback. Be ready for the inevitable bites, and keep sting relief on hand.

This post was originally published on March 9, 2020.