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7 Photos of Outdoorsmen Dealing with Bugs

how outdoorsmen can deal with these tiny biting bug

Biting insects are the bane of outdoors enthusiasts worldwide.

For some outdoorsmen and women, bugs are the number one reason we cut our trips to the wilds short. The biting insects ruin a good time and can spread disease.

Some of us have discovered reasonable methods of repellant, and others have just learned to cope. These seven photos show us how bad it can really be when outdoorsmen have to deal with these tiny biting bug menaces.



These all too common insects are a buzzing distraction that increase our heart rates in a bad way.


Lad Bible



In some areas the mosquitoes can be found in epic concentrations. Photographer Joel Sartore's feet were covered in mosquitoes after removing his boots on Alaska's North Slope. It only took five minutes for the biting hordes to find the unprotected flesh. 


Mosquito Magnet

What's in style this summer? Mosquito netting suits are all the rage against black flies and the overly friendly mosquito.


Ticks are another main concern. They can spread dangerous tick borne viruses such as Lyme and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. These creepy critters just love to climb up and bite you in warm areas. Now that's a rude bug for sure.


The Adirondack Almanack

Bug problems are nothing new. Old school woodsmen were plagued by the same spawns of the underworld as we do today.



These deer flies are thick! Some wise outdoors enthusiasts make homemade traps and put them on their hats. Make sure before you go in public you remove the trap (I know a guy that went grocery shopping with one on his hat. True story).

Bugs are so bad at times it seems we will never escape. Might as well embrace your insect flocks and head out to the feeding grounds regardless.

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7 Photos of Outdoorsmen Dealing with Bugs