Disney-Themed Pet Toys We Can't Help But Fall In Love With

Throughout the years, Walt Disney and his successors have given us a deeper appreciation of animals.

Disney pet toys are no exception. Disney made creatures from ducks to dogs to deer talk, and showed us their personalities and feelings. And even though our own fur pals don't talk (at least not like the Cheshire Cat does), Disney creatures have given people a new perspective on what might be going on behind the beautiful eyes of our pets.

So, then, what's more natural than a Disney line of products for pets? Chewy's exclusive Disney line consists of hundreds of fun, useful and unique items of all sorts for dogs and cats. We checked out this new line, and while it was hard to whittle down the offerings to just a few favorites, we managed. Here are the ones that most quickly caught our eyes and won our hearts.

Best Disney Pet Toys

The Claw and Aliens Hide and Seek Puzzle Toy for Dogs 

This canine puzzler will turn your home into Pizza Planet from "Toy Story." Bowser will dig into the spaceship, seeking squeaking little green men to grasp, just like The Claw.

Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Bed for Dogs and Cats

Your fur baby is sweet as sugar, so why not give her a honey pot to hang out in? A replica of Silly Old Bear Winnie the Pooh's beloved hunny jar, this bed is lined with plush, comfy fabric. It also has a removable cushion. We think this sleeping spot is the bee's knees.

Pluto Dog Collar

In the movie "Battle Cry," one character is reading a thick volume of Plato, and another character remarks, "They wrote a great big book like that about Mickey Mouse's dog?" Well, no. But the important thing is that Pluto and Mickey were bonded, just like you and your hound. Celebrate that bond with this collar. It's super strong to resist pulling and has a D ring to attach a leash.

Minnie Mouse Floral Cat Collar 

A cat rocking a collar festooned with a mouse speaks volumes about reconciliation between enemies. This collar is not only cute, it's comfortable, thanks to rounded edges that don't poke kitty's neck. If you have an indoor-outdoor cat, you can get an optional bell to warn the wildlife that Fluffy's on her way. Remember to watch your cat carefully when collaring her for the first time, as many cats don't take well to collars.

Mickey Mouse Fetch Toy 

Here are three tennis balls with classic Mickey Mouse designs. Each of them squeaks. Buster will—literally—have a ball chasing these bouncers all around the place. Happy reviewers report these as perfectly practical for indoor play.

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