What It's Like Living With Big Personality Cats

Cat's are known for having a 'tude, but living with big personality cats takes it to a whole new level. 

Cat owners are used to their furry felines' personality traits. However, many will acknowledge that not all cat personalities are created equal. Some domestic cats have the agreeableness of a cheetah, while others enjoy being house cats. If you are a multi-cat household, you feel the pain of varied indoor cat personalities.

Cat personality types are judged by the big five: neuroticism, extraversion, dominance, impulsiveness, and agreeableness — This is according to a University of South Australia study of multiple types of cats ranging from feral cats to Scottish wildcats and the domestic Felis catus and Felis silvestris. Researchers looked at cats in both New Zealand and South Australia. Cats with high scores in multiple categories can be a lot more than potential owners are looking for in a new cat. So what is it really like living with big personality cats? Here's a look at some of the zaniest furry family members.

Bengal Cats Have BIG Personalities

Bengals look like majestic wild cats, just made in a smaller version. That's because the domestic cat was originally bred with Asian Leopard Cats, giving us these beautiful feline friends. With multiple Bengals in one house, the personality types can be all over the board with the shorthair wild children. Even as individual cats, they have larger-than-life personalities. They are known for being chatty and very interactive. Indira is her mom's third Bengal. She told Wide Open Pets via messenger, "The reason I love Bengals is their energy and their hilariously inquisitive personality. I constantly laugh at all of the silly stuff Indi does." If you want to see some of Indira's shenanigans, check out their Instagram page @indirathebengal.

They absolutely love attention and are very sociable. However, they are also known to meow and purr a lot. If you are looking for a quiet, meek cat that will leave you alone, then living with this big personality cat is not for you.

These big personality cats also need lots of environmental enrichment. They love to play and have lots of entertainment options. Bengals are not known for their conscientiousness, especially if they are left to their own devices. These pretty kitties can get up to some serious mischief. But hey at least they know how to use a litter box.

Abyssinian Cats At Home

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Another one of the gorgeous but lively cat breeds is the Abyssinian. They are one of the oldest breeds known to man for domestic cats. These short-hair beauties were often worshipped in ancient Egypt, and it shows. They are long and lean and love to play, and they are incredibly affectionate animals that will instigate play much like dogs do. However, their outgoing personality can lead to some health issues if their owners do not respond properly. The breed is known to get depressed if they do not get the interaction they crave.

They are also very curious and have a high intelligence level. While they like to be outgoing, they can often be quiet. Don't expect to hear a meow come out of these little guys. Instead, their meow is more like a chirrup. Many are seen walking on leashes and wearing stellar outfits!

Living With Furry Maine Coons

Maine Coons can be some pretty big cats for a cat in the domestic variety. These furry friends are incredibly playful for their large size and love to be loved. Maine Coons are considered to be native to North America since they have been around since the colonial days, but their origins are harder to trace. Some say they trace back to Maria Antoinette, while others say they were bred from a domestic cat and a raccoon. Some attribute their size to a domestic cat being bred with a bobcat. But no one really knows for sure.

Maine Coons are very interactive and very furry! They love to be played with and have plenty of cat toys and activities.

By all means, these three aren't the only big personality cats. Others are Persians, siamese, and ragdolls. While they are cute and fun, living with big personality cats can be challenging and they need to be in an environment that promotes their well-being. Many people do not realize the special needs of these beautiful pets which increases the risk of them getting surrendered to a shelter. It's always best to find out everything about a breed before you decide to bring them home!

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