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Dana Loesch Launches Her New Video Series "The DL" with "The Truth About the Second Amendment"

The awesome Dana Loesch just launched her new video series, "The DL," with this powerful episode.

Dana Loesch, NRA commentator, addresses many of the common misconceptions and outright lies about the Second Amendment in her new series, "The DL." She promises to do the job that the mainstream media won't: "Defend the relevance of the one freedom that guarantees all the others - the Second Amendment."

She also declares, "We'll also show you why the right to keep and bear arms has never been more widely used, and more relevant in American society than it is right now. You've been warned. You might learn something."

The popular media is rife with misstatements, inaccuracies, misinformation and outright lies concerning the Second Amendment. Frankly, it's confusing and infuriating for those of us who understand the founder's intentions and what exactly the Second Amendment truly means, both literally and philosophically, to see this right mutated, abused, disregarded and bastardized by gun control advocates.

These people have a foolish, dangerous and, I would say, evil agenda, whether intentional or not. They would leave their fellow citizens helpless and at the mercy of those with greater physical power, whether it be the common criminal or a tyrannical government.

Loesch contrasts the hysterical rantings of the pro-gun control, anti-liberty crowd with the reasoned statements of pro-freedom advocates. Yes, I am biased; biased in favor of freedom, liberty and our sovereign rights as human beings.

I am opposed to tyrannical governments, clueless politicians and "social justice warriors" who would lead people into slavery. And make no mistake, if you are without the means to defend yourself and your fellow citizens, you are nothing more than a slave to tyrants and bullies.

This series may become fodder to use against every anti-freedom, anti-gun lobbyist and advocate who repeats any of the common disingenuous misstatements and misunderstandings of the Second Amendment. Let's hope so. It's long past time that the pro-liberty crowd go on the offensive. We need to reclaim our fundamental rights, and we need to do so in the arena of ideas, thoughtfully, intelligently and passionately.

So, I commend Dana Loesch in her unrelenting advocacy for truth and liberty, and I hope her show - of which this is the first episode - is a great success, and does indeed cause people, especially those anti-gun advocates, to "learn something."

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