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'Common Sense Gun Control' is Ignorance on Display

Common Sense Gun Control

What sense is there to "common sense gun control" when most people really have no concept of anything gun related to begin with?

It's no secret that most anti-gun advocates know little about guns. The question is, on what do these people base their decisions when it come to voting for "common sense gun control" measures? Well, umm, it looks like they base it almost entirely on how a gun looks.

Funnyman and conservative commentator Steven Crowder poses as an anti-gun advocate for the fictitious Citizens Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform. He stands behind a table laden with firearms and asks passersby to support his gun control agenda. The responses he gets are, well, interesting.

Crowder uses terms like "fully semi-automatic", "micro-safe/macro-safe", "assault rifle", "multi-clip" and more meaningless words. Nobody bats an eye.

He also asks people what guns they would ban as he points to certain guns on the table. Guns with wood on them seemed to be okay with some people, while they were more eager to ban darker, metal and composite guns, even of the same caliber!

It is an eye-opening exhibition, as virtually every gun control advocate appeared to know little to nothing about firearms. And they agreed with whatever nonsensical pablum Crowder fed them.

These are the kinds of people we're up against in the gun control debate. Ignorant of firearms and basing their opinions on scary sounding words and images. It would be funny if it weren't such a serious issue.

If we can pull anything from this experiment, it is perhaps that there is very little common sense in common sense gun control.

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'Common Sense Gun Control' is Ignorance on Display