Julie Golob

World Champion Shooter Julie Golob Maintains That the NRA is America

Gun control is largely an emotional issue for its proponents, and Julie Golob talks about that emotion vs. the facts that are on the pro-gun side of the issue.

World Champion Shooter and Army veteran Julie Golob talks with Grant Stinchfield of NRATV about the issue of gun control, and specifically about the emotion based arguments that informs gun control proponents versus the logic and fact-based arguments that make up the foundation for the pro-gun/pro-Second Amendment side.

Using an openly anti-gun/anti-NRA letter to lawmakers published by the Miami Herald as his reference, Stinchfield asked Golob what she thought of the editorial's anti-Second Amendment stance.

Golob replied with the truth, stating that the NRA is a grassroots organization that is comprised of millions of Americans, and when you insult the NRA you effectively insult those millions of Americans.

Stinchfield responded, "You know, Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox are the leaders of the NRA, but they take their cues from the everyday folks out there. All they're doing is acting as our voices on a public stage. And yet the left fails to acknowledge that they're speaking for five-million people and a hundred-and-something-million other gun owners."

Golob replied,

"Right. It's a membership organization. And when you have a leadership they have to pay attention to the membership, or else you don't have any members. I mean, it's very simple"

Stinchfield replied that while there is an "evil" segment of agenda driven anti-gun advocates out there, many people are simply uninformed or confused about gun rights in America.

"I think that particularly the anti-gun groups out there, they focus so much on the emotion of things," Golob said. "And in the heat of the moment, in the heat of seeing something horrible happen, it's very easy to have that knee-jerk reaction."

She continued,

"But now we're seeing that, at least at this grassroots level, because of the NRA membership, we're able to connect with so many more people and we're starting to change that view, as we've seen in the election results."

These are important points to remind ourselves of. The NRA is not some corporate lobbying entity. It is a grassroots, dues-paying-member driven organization. Its lobbying efforts represent millions of Americans who recognize and value their Constitutional freedoms and natural born rights.

When the anti-gunners suggest that the NRA is some monstrous entity, unbeholden to anyone but the gun lobby, they are absolutely wrong. The NRA represents you and me, and our interests as Americans.

You can watch the entire episode of NRATV's Stinchfield episode here, and his interview with Julie Golob, which is extremely interesting and compelling. They explore other aspects of the emotional anti-gun argument, SHOT Show and Golob's own activities at the event, Donald Trump and even Nicole Kidman.

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