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Who Really Won the Election? Here’s What the NRA Has to Say

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The 2016 Presidential election was a cultural revolt by people who had tired of having their Second Amendment and gun rights abused by the elitist class.

The recent Presidential election was a win – a very big win – for citizens who cherish gun rights specifically and the Bill of Rights in general.

And the NRA was instrumental in making it happen, galvanizing their grassroots membership with a blistering campaign of information that highlighted the very stark differences between the candidates concerning our rights.

“It was a cultural revolt,” said NRA past president David Keene. “Those are the people that are NRA members. They’re the people that care about the Second Amendment and their firearms rights. It’s about traditional values. It’s about all the things that the NRA ad campaign was focusing on.”

The NRA message was really the message of the citizenry. It simply echoed the feelings that so many Americans were already feeling.

“And no doubt what we saw happen,” says interviewer Ginny Simone, “was a rejection, by the American people, of the political establishment and of the media establishment.”

Speaking to Clinton’s charge that Trump supporters were a “basket of deplorables,” Keene replied:

“There were signs in yards that said ‘Proudly Deplorable’. The fact is that all of a sudden, all of these people, had enough. They’d been feeling more left out, more dismissed, and more demonized.”

Yes, America had enough. And they overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump. While Hillary may have won the popular vote (and we emphasize ‘may’, since we’re still not completely sure that all of those votes were legitimate), Trump won many more counties than did Clinton.

Trump also won the electoral vote in a landslide, 306 to 232. Republicans also have majorities in the Senate and the House. It was a sweep. It is a mandate. It is America telling the status quo that they reject the Liberal/Progressive agenda, and the constant abuse and questioning of our rights.

It is America telling the Washington elites that we demand our guns and our gun rights. This year is already the year where more firearms have been purchased than any other year in history.

But the war with the anti-gunners isn’t over. The Liberal anti-gun rights bunch is not going to rest. They may in fact come back more determined more than ever to thwart our gun rights. We need to be involved and proactive.

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Who Really Won the Election? Here’s What the NRA Has to Say