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Dom Raso Has Harsh Words for Obama and Clinton on ISIS


Navy Seal Dom Raso pulls no punches as he criticizes President Obama for his weak stance on ISIS. He tells us what a real pro-American president would do.

The threat of radical Islamic terror has never been more real or more urgent. ISIS is a real and present threat. We need to be vigilant and ready.

Dom Raso rightly emphasizes that we need to shoulder this responsibility ourselves, and not rely on politicians to do it for us. They won’t. They can’t. Especially the liberal politician—President Obama—who we currently have heading the country, and a candidate—Hillary Clinton—who promises to continue his policy of appeasement if she gets elected.

“Here’s what a President who actually believes in the Second Amendment and our right to defend ourselves against evil, would say about the threat of radical Islamic terror,” says Raso:

My fellow Americans, our founding fathers had the foresight to protect your God-given right to keep and bear firearms. The time has come to use that right. Because America will not join the rest of the world in the fetal position at the feet of cowards who carry the flag of radical Islamic terror.

They think they can intimidate us into submission by murdering us in our communities, our shopping malls, our parks, and restaurants and schools. We will not be intimidated. And we will fight.

To every law-abiding able-bodied man and woman, I urge you to get armed and trained immediately. And do your part to make America the most dangerous place on earth to try to kill innocent people.

And to every terrorist and would-be terrorist, wherever you are, this is the one and only warning I’ll give you. Should you even think about murdering our people, you’ll have a hundred firearms in your face before you can even utter the first syllable of your pathetic war cry. I’ll leave your fate to the free people defending their families, their children, and their country.

The era of appeasement is over. The weak knees that have shaken in the Oval Office for eight pathetic years are gone. The terrorists will either avoid us, or be killed.

“We need, and deserve, strength,” says Raso. “Don’t depend on politicians to bring it. Arm and train yourself. Take the responsibility of protecting yourself and your loved ones into your own hands.”

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Dom Raso Has Harsh Words for Obama and Clinton on ISIS