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Dachshund and New Baby Are The Cutest Best Friends

The only thing cuter than pet best friends is a baby growing up with their doggie friend!

Many pet parents start with their four-legged kids and move into having a baby boy or baby girl after having their pup for a few years. Of course, all dog lovers hope that when the two meet, they become instant best friends. Well, this cute dachshund and baby best friends video hit the nail on the head.

Dachshund Puppy Meets New Baby


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This Doxie proves that dogs are man's best friend no matter what age the human is. When Winnie, the family dog, meets her new human for the first time, the pup has the funniest reaction as the baby boy starts to fuss. The small dog is not quite sure what to do with the new baby with a look that was between "did I do something wrong" and "is this real life right now?"

But as they get used to each other, the wiener dog and the baby start to become the best of friends. As the little one chills in his baby bodysuit the miniature dachshund lays next to him, just keeping him company. The funny baby loves to pet and play with his dachshund dog sibling.

I'm pretty sure this funny dog would even share his dog toys with his little human and, of course, all the cuddles.

Introducing Pups to a New Baby

Even if you trust your dog completely, you have to be cautious when introducing someone new. Dogs can be unpredictable when meeting small children, especially when they do not know what to expect. So take it slow and always keep an eye on them both.

Some dog breeds tend to be a little better with young children than others. Dogs like Golden Retrievers are known for being great family dogs. Cute dogs like Corgi's and Dachshunds make great companions for your kiddos. Clearly, this little sausage dog makes for a perfect baby best friend.

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