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Crews Rescue Great Dane Injured on Long Hike Near Payson, Arizona

The article in the Payson Roundup tells us that the tall cliffs made it difficult to use a helicopter. Yikes! The Tonto Rim Search and Rescue crew in Arizona was called in to rescue a 90-pound Great Dane that had worn its pads down so badly it couldn't walk out with its owner. They were in an area known as the Hellsgate trail.

They brought in three quads and a number of volunteers. This group wasn't committed to animal rescues but the sheriff's office was committed to assisting this dog. This poor dog needed some dog boots!

"The group carried the dog out on a soft litter for miles before reaching an off-road vehicle and taking it back to the trailhead."

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The search and rescue spokesperson mentioned that it was a tough trip out.

"A lot of people will get down on the dog owner for this, and maybe some of it is deserved, but this is extremely rough, rugged and unforgiving country that many don't understand until they experience it firsthand. It's why we live here, but it drives a lot of rescues too," Pitterle said.

The dog owner will clearly get boots for their dog moving forward. I agree that it's hard to know which terrain is a must for dog boots. What an awesome job by the sheriff's office and this search and rescue team.

What boots are good options for various terrain when you hike?

Ruffwear Grip Trex is the best option for hiking. If you're thinking about living near a trail protecting your dog's paws is a top priority. Do your research but this brand is our go-to in the Pacific Northwest and it is muddy. 

What emergency geat do you bring with on hikes? Do you have an emergency backpack? We have a suggestion for an entire emergency kit. 

Arizona can bring some rugged terrain for hikers. That goes for a lot of regions that we all live and hike in with our dogs. Thank goodness for search and rescue teams that will include dog rescue as part of their mission. These large breed dogs require a lot of gear if they're injured so better to be prepared. Every time I write a story like this I think of all the gear I'm missing and now I'm dusting off backpacks and dog boots. We often take long hikes and we don't always prepare. I'm not sure I can train my dogs to hop into an emergency pack but if they were hurt it would be their pleasure to help us get out of dodge.

Whether you live with a big dog or a small dog, bring the gear you may need in case of an accident. Some hiking trails are unpredictable. Also, look for dog-friendly hikes too so you can start out successful. This can happen to any dog breed whether you live with a Greyhound, German Shepherd, rescue dog, service dog, Golden retriever, or doxie.

Have you ever been injured during a hike and couldn't hike out?! Please leave us a comment below!

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