The Best Dog Booties on Amazon: Functional, Fashionable, and Ready for the Road

For warmth, traction, or fashion, these booties make will allow your dog trekking access anywhere!

Dog booties are excellent aids for helping pets grip surfaces while simultaneously protecting them from the elements. From hiking to cold weather to really just looking fly, durable dog boots can definitely come in handy. Plus, they provide great paw protection from snow or hot pavement and can even help with arthritis by being non slip.

You can get some fleece-lined dog boots or even some boot liners, and paired with a dog coat, your pooch will be ready to brave the cold.

Dog owners, check out these products available on Amazon, ranging from boots to shoes to socks all made for your dog's paws.

Best Dog Booties on Amazon

1. URBESTDetachable Closure Puppy Dog Booties

They look like mini Ugg boots, so what's not to like? These might be the most affordable fashion booties out there.

2. HiPaw Breathable Dual Mesh Soft Sole Dog Booties Paw Protector

For dogs that get sweaty paws, breathable material is important. This brand comes in black or blue.

3. RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks

Whether he was creepy or lovable, we all had that sock monkey companion growing up. Now your pet can relive the memory with monkey anti-slip dog socks.

Be sure to read the guide on how to size your dog's paws!

4. RUFFWEAR Grip Trex

If you're thinking about hiking a trail, why are you even still thinking about it? Go for it! It's the perfect area to take your dog for a walk or run. They'll love the outdoors as much as you do, and they'll love that you thought about protecting their paws.

5. Dog Booties With Reflective Straps

If you take your dog out for walks at night, these could help your pet's safety. These booties have reflective velcro straps, and are bright green.

6. Mesh Dog Boots for Medium-Large Dogs

A customer said that these breathable mesh booties are great for tile floors. Skid resistant and anti-slip sole booties are the solution to your dog slipping on certain floors. Another customer said that they seem comfortable for their dogs! When choosing booties, comfort is most important for your fur babies. Another indoor alternative is paw pads.

Winter is fast approaching! Get your paws on these booties while supplies last! Your small pet and your big dogs will appreciate it. Also check out some of our other pet product lists like best dog beds and dog collars!

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This post was originally published on September 17, 2017.

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