Man and His Blind Dog Hike 1,100 Miles Across Florida Trail

How wonderful does it sound to 'get lost' on a trail in the sunshine state with your best friend? Bliss in my book! I have a great backpack for my senior dog, Bruiser, although I'm not sure I could carry him very far! This experienced hiker took his blind dog on the Florida trail to help her regain his confidence.

This is one of the best examples of the human-animal bond I've read about in some time!

Meet Kyle Rohrig and his dog, Katana. He has a fabulous Instagram account you should clearly be following.

According to The Associated Press

"Kyle Rohrig is an avid hiker and his Shiba Inu named Katana usually accompanies him. She's easily logged 30 miles a day on their past trails, but when Japanese hunting dog lost both eyes to Glaucoma two months before the trek, he worried how she would fare on the trail."

She was already an experienced hiker and they had completed the Appalachian Trail together. The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports Rohrig hoisted the 21-pound Katana onto his backpack when they approached deep swampy areas and treacherous spots. He estimates he carried her for more than 800 miles.

They headed north on the trail from Big Cypress near Miami in January and finished April 1 at Fort Pickens near Pensacola. 

The Dodo tells us, 

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