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How to Create a Wilderness First Aid Kit for Your Outdoor Adventures

Have a look at these tips on building and carrying a wilderness first aid kit before you head outdoors.

Heading out prepared with a wilderness first aid kit is likely one of the most important considerations for your gear list.

The further out you are, the longer the emergency response time; so ensure you are good-to-go to handle major injuries for yourself and others until you can be evacuated or EMTs can get to your site.

Being able to also deal with minor problems before they become bigger ones can help save that next outdoor adventure from going sideways. Have a look as the IA Woodsman goes over what he packs in for small and big emergencies.

There are some great lessons here, from having the kit clearly marked and accessible, to packing the emergency equipment in a logical order to quickly respond to minor or major emergencies. Great lessons have been learned over the years by Emergency First Responders and Combat medics that are now being picked up and applied for recreational use, which translates into small useful kits such as is shown in this demonstration.

Go into the woods prepared, and even better take a wilderness First Aid course, which is pretty much mandatory across the U.S. and Canada for fishing and hunting guides for a reason. Employers want to know that their guides can take care of minor and more serious injuries until more formal medical aid can come to the location or the person can be medevac’d out if required.



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How to Create a Wilderness First Aid Kit for Your Outdoor Adventures