The Uncharted Supply Park Pack sitting on a table.
Travis Smola

Uncharted Supply Park Pack is a Compact First Aid Kit With Additional Gear Storage

The Uncharted Supply Park Pack is perfect for a variety of outdoor scenarios.

Everyone who enjoys time in the outdoors should own a good first aid or survival kit, because you never know what the wilderness is going to throw at you. It's one of those "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it" situations that we have all taken for granted at some point or another.

Maybe we forget the first aid kit because we're concerned about all the other outdoor gear we take with us. Maybe it takes up too much room in our pack. Whatever the reason, Uncharted Supply Co, the makers of such useful devices as the Athena Power Bank, wanted to make it easier for outdoorsmen and women to have these supplies on hand.

Their solution comes in the form of their new product known as the Park Pack. Outfitted with the company's slim but impressively-stocked "Triage Kit," this rugged fanny pack helps ensure you never enter the backcountry unprepared for what nature may have in store.

I got a chance to check out the Park Pack firsthand and have plenty of thoughts to share on its features and best uses.

Park Pack Features and Capabilities

The interior of the Uncharted Supply Park Pack

Travis Smola

The first thing you'll notice about this hip pack is the sturdy construction. It's built from a 600 denier Tarpaulin shell and has a 210-denier liner. It just feels tough, and I had no qualms hiking through thorns and brush with it during Michigan's firearms deer season last November. The hip bag itself doesn't show even a single scratch from that activity. Without a doubt, it's the toughest hip pack I've ever used, and that's coming from someone who's bought quite a few over the years.

While this pack features a waterproof construction, it's worth noting the inside of the pack is only considered water resistant. Uncharted went with YKK zippers over waterproof zippers simply because the YKK ones are easier to open. For rainy days or an accidental drop in a small stream or puddle, the Park Pack seems like it will hold up just fine. It will also hold the majority of your small outdoor items in the roomy 2.8-liter storage area. I'd say the Park Pack would make an ideal geocaching pack, which is likely what I'll use it for later this year. It would also work great for trail runners, backcountry anglers, or avid hikers who don't like wearing a full backpack.

Uncharted Supply Co. Park Pack

Uncharted Supply Co.

I'll admit I wasn't too excited about the bulky hip straps and rigid cushions on the back side of the pack, but I was pleasantly surprised to find they're more comfortable than they look. I hauled a lot of gear to my treestand and back this past deer season, and the Park Pack was never in the way, never felt awkward, and never weighed me down. I wish I could say that about the comfort level of all my gear packs.

The sides of the pack feature MOLLE attachment points where you can add a water bottle, can of bear spray, or other pieces of outdoor gear. They work extremely well, especially if you are going to carry two water bottles for a day hike or some similar scenario. It balances nicely while traversing difficult terrain or descending a steep trail.

The Triage Kit

The contents of the Uncharted Supply Park Pack Triage kit.

Travis Smola

Uncharted sells the Park Pack with or without their signature Triage Kit of supplies for emergency preparedness. It's worth the extra money to spring for the Triage Kit because it's a treasure trove of must-have items.

I'm usually picky about my first aid kits, and I almost always find myself adding things to them to make them better. This is one of the few that left me feeling like I could leave it as is. Uncharted includes eight fabric bandages and five blister bandages in the Triage Kit, and there are also two wound closure strips to help attend to a more serious gash or cut.

Also included are four packets of petroleum jelly skin protectant plus two packages of aspirin, something I always appreciate most in first aid kits. It has all the essentials for peace of mind while wandering the backcountry.

In addition, this emergency kit has a few more useful items like a flat pack containing five yards of duct tape, a few zip ties, two feet of bailing wire, and three clothespins. If you really find yourself in need, 10 UCO storm matches and a folded emergency mylar blanket will help keep you warm.

All things considered, this kit doesn't have a ton of gear, but everything is purposeful. The entire Triage Kit takes up a minuscule amount of space in the Park Pack, leaving lots of room for other items. The only thing I would add is a quality multi-tool, but there's not much else you'd need to add to make the Park Pack perfect for your needs.

The Bottom Line

Uncharted Supply Company clearly listens to their customers when designing their gear. From the water bottle holders to the contents of the first aid kit, this is a great pack for anyone enjoying the outdoors. Hikers, campers, anglers, hunters, and runners can all get great use out of it.

You might want to add a bit more to the contents if you want to be fully prepared for all emergency situations, but for most casual hikers and fishermen, the Park Pack is a solid piece of equipment as is, and it's clearly built to last. It offers a little extra storage space for and some reassurance that you're ready for an emergency situation.

All told, the Uncharted Supply Co. Park Pack will cost you $119, or $159 for the added Triage Kit. You can check out for more information on the Park Pack and the rest of the company's survival gear.

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