Ignik 2-In-1

Gear Review: The Nifty Ignik 2-In-1 Heater/Stove

The Ignik heater/stove is a nifty little piece of camping gear.

When selecting camping gear, many are forced to make a choice when it comes to cold-weather gear. You can pick up a camping heater or camping stove. Most products do not combine the two uses into a single-use package. At least not effectively anyway. That was until we got the chance to test out the Ignik 2-In-1 heater/stove.

We tested the 10,000 BTU propane adjustable heat system on a short car camping adventure in Ohio, and right in our own backyard. We found that the heat output is great, and the cooking abilities solid.

This little stove turned quite a few heads when my friends saw it in my camp kitchen. This is our experience with the Ignik Outdoors 2-In-1 heater/stove.

Specs of the Ignik 2-In-1 camp stove

Ignik 2-In-1

Travis Smola

One thing we should mention right off the bat is that the 2-In-1 is a little large. At least if you were looking for a heating/cooking solution for the backcountry. It weighs in at 8.5 pounds and is 11 x 10.75x 13.8 inches. Not exactly something that can fit into your backpacking equipment.

Which is fine. Because this thing was clearly targeted at RV owners, fishermen, hunters, tailgating, and overlanding enthusiasts anyway. Ignik says it a solution for heat and cooking when burn bans prevent the use of a traditional campfire or fire pit.

The heater/stove transports nicely thanks to a stainless steel coiled handle on top. The top of the heater features a cast iron burner where you can set your camp cookware. A simple slide of a piece of wire on top to the cook position opens the vents for quick cooking.

Ignik 2-In-1

Travis Smola

The 2-In-1 comes with a two-foot adapter hose that is compatible with Ignik's gas Growler, a 1.3-pound refillable propane tank. It was designed and built to eliminate the use of those green, single-use propane canisters found in sporting goods stores everywhere. The concept proved incredibly popular. The company has had a hard time keeping them in stock.

I did not have access to the Growler for these tests. However, it still functioned just fine using standard Coleman disposable propane canisters. I found that one tank provided hours of heat easily.

Using the Ignik

Ignik 2-In-1

Travis Smola

Speaking of heat, the 2-In-1 pumps out a whopping 10,000 BTUs of heat an hour and it does it quickly. I was shocked how quickly it started pumping out heat the first time I turned the knob and fired it up. I usually host multiple outdoor geocaching events every December here in Michigan. I can tell this thing is going to be popular at those come the wintertime. My previous heat solutions were a small, cheap, butane canister stove. The Ignik easily has it beat. Plus I can heat up some hot chocolate for my guests at the same time.

The Ignik uses a Piezo ignition to quickly light. While I was trying to cook dinner on an Ohio trip, I also accidentally knocked my pan off the top of the burner, tipping the Ignik slightly. Fortunately, this stove has a kill-switch. It automatically shut off the Ignik. I did not even realize it had that feature until it happened. It was greatly appreciated once I discovered it. The system will also trip if the pilot light is extinguished.

I did run into one issue with the Ignik. My trip to Ohio had me camping on some flat, open fairgrounds. Strong winds meant cooking took a little longer than it did in my fenced backyard. At least when I tried to cook up some venison burgers and bacon. It almost feels like there should be a shroud accessory to put over the top half of the Ignik when you want to use it for cooking in that scenario. To help direct more of the heat upwards to your pot or pan if you are not also using it as a propane heater too. To be fair to the 2-In-1, I was also tasking it with cooking some rather thick burgers. I will not fault it too much in this aspect.

Because at the end of the day I was happy with my final results on the burgers, even if it took a little longer than usual. They were very thoroughly cooked and the bacon was quite crispy. I'm sure in a more talented camp chef's hands, this thing could pump out some fine dinners.

The bottom line.

While it had some troubles cooking in the high winds, there is no denying how effectively this device spreads out the heat. It warms up the surrounding area fast and stays warm for a long time on a single canister. To the point I might even consider taking this with me on a few deer hunts in open air blinds this fall if the conditions are calling for extreme cold.

The fact you can also cook with the 2-In-1 is also nice because it eliminates the need for a second camp stove. We could see this becoming a popular option for full-time RVers or digital nomads that want the ability enjoy heat and cook from one device without using too much precious storage space.

See the Ignik website for more information on the 2-In-1 and Gas Growler.

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