Ignik Gas Growler
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The New Ignik Gas Growler Solves the Problem of Single-Use Propane Tanks

The Ignik Gas Growler is a sustainable solution to traditional propane bottles for camping.

Almost every outdoorsman or woman who has been into hunting, fishing, or camping has probably used either a propane stove or heater at least once during their outdoor adventures. Those tiny little green propane bottles sold in the sporting goods department of every Wal-Mart have become a familiar sight while camping.

However, as outdoor enthusiasts start to get more conscious of protecting the wild spaces that we all know and love, we start to look at what we're using in a different light. Those little green bottles are single use and will eventually wind up in a landfill.

If that seems like a tremendous waste to you, the Ignik Gas Growler may interest you. It's a re-fillable but portable propane tank that may change the way people use propane for their outdoor activities. If you're looking for more sustainable way to use propane, this may be just the ticket.

The Ignik Gas Growler

This is one of those ideas that is so simple, we wonder why no one has thought of it prior to this. The Gas Growler is basically a downsized version of the larger propane tanks one might buy for a backyard gas grill. The difference is that this tank is rated for 12 years of use before it needs to be re-certified and it can be filled at any regular propane dealer.

According to their FAQ, each fill-up of the tank is about 1.1 to 1.3 gallons of propane, which they say is roughly equivalent to five of the little green bottles. That means more cooking or heating time on a single fill and less trash that you're contributing to the local landfill. Ignik says this solution also cuts costs because a single refill of the tank is roughly equivalent to the cost of a single green bottle.

Over time, Ignik says the Gas Growler will save up to 480 of the regular green bottles from ending up as trash once their short lifespan is completed. This small tank uses an adapter hose to use the same heating and cooking devices used by the small tanks. Ignik has also made this tank compatible with their own 2-in-1 heater and stove combo.

Ignik also added to the function of this propane tank by giving it a durable construction and adding a molded case meant to protect, insulate and protect the tank from impact. It also makes it easy to store the adapter hose or other small propane accessories in an easy-to-reach place. The padded handle makes transporting the tank a breeze. In addition to being sustainable, this tank may be a great option for full-time RVers, or tiny house owners who want a propane option without the clutter of multiple small tanks and the bulk of a larger tank option.

Use propane fuel more efficiently while saving some money and the environment? Seems like a great idea to us. For more information on the Ignik Gas Growler, check out their website.

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