couple sitting in camp chairs looking at sunset above river in mountains. hiking concept.
Getty Images, Vera Petrunina

12 Car Camping Essentials for Comfortable Summer Adventures

From sleeping essentials to portable power, here are the car-camping comforts to make your next adventure a little bit better.

Car camping is beloved by both seasoned enthusiasts and beginner campers for one key reason: It allows you to experience both nature and adventure with the comforts of home. Unlike backpacking, when you go car camping, you can bring delicious gourmet meals to cook; a comfortable sleep setup; and endless entertainment for the kids.

Whether you are heading to your local state park or traveling to an undeveloped BLM site, the creature comforts can help everyone have a better time outdoors without having to fully rough it.

These 12 suggestions go way beyond the bare necessities on your camping checklist. From camp beds and pillows to coolers and slippers, these are the car camping essentials (we like to think of them as car camping comforts) you'll want to incorporate into your outdoor adventure.