Copycat Refuses to Let Owner Take Single Step Without Him

This copycat is so attached to his owner that he won't let him take a single step without him. 

Do you ever feel like you have a shadow? And no matter how quickly you move, you can't escape? Well, if you're the owner of this copycat, you probably feel like that all the time. After all, this cat isn't letting you go anywhere without him by your side.

This cat is pretty insistent that he will go everywhere with his owner. He loves to rub up against his owner's leg, and you can even hear him purring. Problem is, he rubs up against his owner while his owner is trying to walk, and that can make things a little tricky.

Check out this adorable copycat as he follows his owner's every move.

If your cat is the overly affectionate type, consider yourself lucky. There are plenty of people with less cuddly cats who wish their cats would show such affection.

But sometimes a cuddly cat crosses a line, to the point where it can get difficult to get anything done with your cat around. If you run into this, try introducing some different activities to keep your cat occupied. There are tons of great cat toys that may capture your cat's attention, and you can always go the tried and tested route of providing your cat with some cat trees or cardboard boxes to play with.

Bringing another cat into the home may also give your cat another source of companionship so he doesn't always rely on you. Consider fostering a cat, or even adopting if you think your cat might appreciate another feline buddy in the home.

And don't forget to enjoy the time you spend with your cat!

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This article was originally published May 16, 2017.

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