10 Beautiful Grey Cat Breeds Perfect for Going Grey

Grey cats strike the perfect balance. Not too light, not too dark, these gorgeous cats can be a little difficult to find if you don't know what you're looking for. Russian blues are typically the most famous grey cats, but there are all kinds of breeds that have this coloration. While grey might seem like a simple color, grey cats can come in a wide range of colors, including blue-grey, light silver, and deep slate. Regardless of the color of your cat, know that having a feline friend is a welcome addition to any household. Here are some of our favorite grey cat breeds.

1. Russian Blue

russian blue grey cat

Russian blues are sometimes called archangel blues. These stunning cats are most well known for their thick grey coats that look almost blue. They are a friendly cat breed and bond strongly with their family members. Though sometimes they can be wary and shy around strangers, they are generally sociable cats.

2. British Shorthair

british shorthair cat

This breed is very calm and easy-going, though many cats are that way if they're properly socialized as kittens. Experts say this breed is suitable for a working individual because they don't require much attention.

3. Domestic Shorthair

domestic shorthair grey cat

Domestic shorthairs come in just about every color imaginable, which includes grey and grey tabby cats. Since domestic shorthairs are a mix of many cat breeds, they're not necessarily a pedigree breed. Fortunately, this means fewer health problems down the road than pure breeds might have.

4. The Oriental

grey oriental shorthair cat

The oriental shorthair's coat comes in a rainbow of colors, with more than 300 color combinations possible. The oriental breed is an offshoot of the Siamese, but his coat, which can be long or short, doesn't have points. Oriental cats are highly attached to people, active, athletic, and curious. They love to talk, so be prepared for a chat!

5. The Persian


The Persian cat sits on the throne of its household. This breed holds the distinction of being one of the breeds favored by royalty, and it's easy to understand why. With beautiful luxurious coats and regal personalities, Persians are pretty much royalty in feline form.

Persians may be gorgeous and seem like the perfect cats, but make sure you're ready for everything that comes with this breed. These kitties require a lot of extra care. But, if you're ready to pamper your cat a bit, you'll be rewarded with a loyal feline friend.

6. The Nebelung

grey cat with orange eyes

The German word nebelung means "creature of the mist." They are known to disappear when strangers arrive at the house. They always enjoy sitting in a lap and are a wonderful family cat. This is a rarer breed that might be more difficult to find.

7. Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat

Large, friendly, and with a beautiful and thick coat, it's no wonder that the Norwegian forest cat is such a popular breed today. These cats make great pets and their thick, long coats mean they're well-suited to colder areas. Be prepared, though, since these coats will shed and your cat will need plenty of brushing.

If you add a Norwegian forest cat to your home, you'll have something of a living legend in your house. This very old breed from Norway appears in traditional Norwegian fairy tales and legends. They have a history that could perhaps go back thousands of years.

8. Scottish Fold

scottish fold receiving pets

This breed is known for its distinctive folded ears. While very prominent on the kittens, even the adults display ears that are slightly bent at the tips. Friendly and loving, these cats adore cuddling and become quite attached to their owners.

9. Chartreux

Chartreux Cat

These thick-boned cats attach quickly to owners and are specifically known for their loyalty and ability to be gentle even with small family members. Originating from France, these cats have impressive reflexes and are recognized by many breed registries throughout the world.

10. Calicos

calico cat breed under shelf

Any cat with a tri-color coat can be considered a calico, which means that grey, white, and black can count towards our list of grey cats. Statistically, calico cats are very rare and are considered good luck in many cultures.

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This article was originally published August 20, 2020.

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