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Columbia Hiking Boots: 5 Reviews That Prove They're a Great Choice

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Buying a new pair of hiking boots can be overwhelming, there are so many options out there, and everyone seems to have a different opinion.

Columbia hiking boots are a great option whether you're looking for trail running shoes, hiking boots, snow boots, or just a comfortable outdoor shoe. Customer reviews rave about them, even people who aren't hikers say that they've had great experiences with these shoes and would recommend them.

The customer reviews discuss how breathable the material of these hiking boots are and go over how the cushioning on the insole makes them super comfortable for long hikes. If you're looking for a new pair of waterproof hiking boots, some good winter boots for outdoor activities, or just a solid pair of boots or shoes for walking, check out the reviews on these Columbia boots.

Best Boots for Men & Women

1. Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

Treacherous days out on the trail are comfortable and worry-free with this boot's waterproof full-grain leather and mesh bootie construction and its durable mesh tongue for breathability. The rubber outsole on the Columbia Newton Ridge hiking boots allows for plenty of grip on a variety of surfaces, plus they come in a variety of fun color combinations, including Shark and River Blue, Deep Wave and Dusty Green, and Epic Plum and Storm. For another mid waterproof shoe option, check out the Newton Ridge Plus II waterproof hiking boots, these waterproof amped hiking boots can withstand all sorts of rugged conditions.

This customer review said they literally set the boots on fire — what? — and the boots were, somehow, even better than before. If that isn't a testament to the quality, we don't know what is.

2. Columbia Men's Crestwood Mid Waterproof Hiking Shoe

These Columbia Crestwood mid-waterproof hiking boots are perfect for a variety of conditions. They feature a lightweight, durable midsole for long-lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return as well as an advanced traction rubber sole for slip-free movement on rough ground. Suede construction makes these waterproof hiking boots perfect for wet ground. Some color combinations include Cordovan and Squash or Dark Brown and Adobe.

If you were questioning the comfort level, check out this customer review! He even says they're better than Merrel's, which is saying something.

3. Columbia Men's Redmond V2 Waterproof Hiking Boot

The omni-grip outsole on these Columbia Redmond V2 waterproof hiking boots make them an awesome choice for just about any terrain. I have these in women's, and they're my favorite hiking boots of the four pairs I own, they're super breathable and give my ankle lots of room to move around, which I like. They all come in either a brown, graphite or dark grey coloring, which works great because they never look too dirty.

I agree wholeheartedly with this review, these hiking shoes are great for pretty much any situation, and they really don't bother your feet or ankles at all.

4. Columbia Men's Firecamp Boot Hiking Shoe

The perfect combination of function and style, this robust insulated men's shoe commands attention everywhere it goes while keeping your feet warm and comfortable in the extremes. Omni-heat technology provides great insulation, you could even wear these as a winter boot or snow boot if necessary. The sealed membrane on these Firecamp boots keeps your feet dry, and they can outdry most other cold-weather boots.

Zero break-in time is really important in hiking boots, nobody likes dealing with blisters, which is why this customer review is so great!

5. Columbia Women's Vitesse Hiking Shoe

Columbia's signature Omni-GRIP non-marking traction rubber outsole on these Vitesse hiking shoes provides versatility - for pavement-ready use, without worrying scuffs during indoor use. One customer review said she prefers these to her Nike shoes for hiking and running shoes!

If you weren't sure about Columbia hiking boots, these glowing reviews might have illuminated all the great reasons why it's a great brand for all sorts of outdoor activities. Just buy the boot that's right for your needs, and you'll be on your way to exploring and adventuring in no time!