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Lily Trotters: These Compression Socks Work Best for Long Hauls

Whether you're going out for a hike, run, or a walk, Lily Trotters are a top choice for fitness socks.

Compression apparel is a must for many active people. If you're not entirely sure what the hype is about compression shorts or tops, you're missing out. Compression shorts help reduce muscle soreness and injury. Since the clothing is typically tight, they keep your muscles contained and increase blood flow while you workout. (This increases blood oxygen level).

I've been wearing compression pants and shorts for nearly 10 years now for walks, runs, and workouts. I've never tried compression socks until recently. I went with the brand Lily Trotters and found that they deliver the same results that outdoor enthusiasts and athletes expect from spandex apparel.

Lily Trotters Women's Designer Compression Socks for Athletic Performance

  • Easy on & easy off
  • Great for walks and long flights
  • Made in USA
  • Sizes S/M & L/XL

Everybody is different, but my feet are the first things to hurt after a run. If I go for a run outside of my neighborhood, I find it difficult to drive home because my feet cramp terribly. It's not even a "charley horse" sensation, but a sharp pain to my feet.

The basic crew socks I was wearing from a department store were not cutting it for me. I tend to wear comfy running shoes for runs, and flat skate shoes for short distance walks to run errands. Both activities usually end with my feet hurting.

With Lily Trotters, I felt a significant difference. My feet truly did need compression the same way the rest of my body does when active. Besides keeping my circulation going and reducing lactic acid build-up, I also credit Lily Trotters for feeling cool and dry.

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It's warm here in Texas, and it's fairly easy to feel gross and sweaty after being outside. Since these socks are moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, you can feel confident that your feet will feel fresh post-workout.

You can find the compression socks on Amazon today. There are numerous athletic socks to choose from, but what makes Lily Trotters a cut above are their styles. The Dots-a-Plenty, Over-the-Moon, Four Kisses, and S'mitten socks are beyond adorable! The signature collection is your one-stop for performance compression socks.

If you're looking for socks to speed up muscle recovery, then I highly recommend Lily Trotters compression socks. There are also great calf sleeves for men. Consider their Candy Stripes and Orange Crew socks for everyday performance.

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