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Big Bore .357 Magnum Air Rifle Drops Large Texas Hog in its Tracks

Air Rifle Hog
YouTube: americanairgunhunter

A big bore airgun is more than capable of dropping a big hog.

The massive feral hog population in Texas has resulted in hunters having to be innovative and find unique solutions to combat these problem animals. A single sounder of feral hogs can have a devastating impact on local wildlife and a farmer's growing crops.

We have seen plenty of unique hog hunting methods here at Wide Open Spaces, but this one looks extremely efficient and fun.

This hunter in this video uses a big bore airgun chambered for .357 Magnum bullets. It ends up proving to be devastating on a large boar. The large animal ends up dropping dead in his tracks with just a single shot!

As expected, that .357 bullet sure did a number on that hog! Feral hogs are extremely tough animals and it is not easy to bring them down this efficiently. This just goes to show that modern air rifles are not the Daisy Red Ryders you may have grown up with. Airgun technology has grown by leaps and bounds the last 10 years and more hunters are increasingly using airguns for hunting big game. It adds a brand-new challenge for hunters who may have mastered every other form of hunting out there.

The thing we like the most is the fact that this was a quick, clean, and ethical kill. No need for a bunch of follow-up shots and the boar went down immediately. No need for a dangerous tracking job into dense brush where it is easy to lose the animal's trail.

Feral hogs are a huge problem, so any tool that helps hunters effectively manage the problem is a win in our eyes. It will be interesting to see how the popularity for air guns for hog hunting continues to grow.

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Big Bore .357 Magnum Air Rifle Drops Large Texas Hog in its Tracks