Feral Hogs
YouTube: Ultimate Night Vision

180 Feral Hogs Take Permanent Dirt Naps in Stunning Thermal Footage

This property has a major feral hog problem.

Texas has a major problem with feral hogs. Odds are, if you have not experienced this problem yourself, you have at least heard about it. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department estimates there are nearly 1.5 million feral swine in the Lone Star state. That number keeps increasing by the day.

Feral hogs are a threat not just to farmer's fields and domestic animals, but also native plants and wildlife. Texas has what almost amounts to an "anything goes" policy for keeping the number of these animals in check.

That is how some hunters put down literally dozens of animals in a single night and still do not make much of a dent in the population. In the video we are sharing today, these hunters take down 180 feral hogs using sophisticated night vision and thermal gear. They also use a sophisticated camera with the lens cranked wide open to capture nighttime images that look like daylight! In short, this is some of the best hog hunting footage we have ever seen.

At one point in this video you hear one of the hunters saying: "I'm out of ammo!" Yep, that would be easy to do in a place with such a huge hog population!

While many parts of Texas have major feral hog infestations, this property was clearly much worse than normal. It appears no one has hunted this place for years. The detail in some of this thermal footage is unbelievable. If you were watching closely, you can clearly see dirt being thrown in the air as these animals root through the fields.

When you get dozens of hogs all doing that to the same field, the result is thousands of dollars in damages to a crop in one night. No wonder some farmers have resorted to hiring professional hunters like the guys in this video to thin the numbers. It is the only way to keep these animals in check. The video's description states that 74 of the harvests you saw here came from a single night of hunting! It is also worth noting that some hogs have been known to attack humans, so extreme population control measures are an absolute necessity.

It may not be a pretty form of hunting, but sometimes down and dirty is the only way to keep these animals from overrunning native parts of Texas. Good shooting fellas, keep up the good work!