Feral Hogs
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Hunter Takes Out 19 Feral Hogs Solo in Awesome Thermal Vision Footage

Fine shooting nearly takes out an entire sounder of feral hogs.

As the feral hog population continues to explode in Texas, optics manufacturers are coming up with higher quality night and thermal scopes every year. These scopes cut through the dark of night. These destructive, invasive pests have nowhere to hide from such high-quality optics.

The video we are sharing today is mostly scope cam and imaging from top-of-the-line thermal equipment. The clarity of these optics is so clear, you can almost see the individual hairs on the backs of these hogs.

Plenty of hogs go down in this video, but most notable here are the 19 hogs in a single sounder that are taken out by one hunter solo. If you love hog hunting, you are going to love this video.

Taking out whole sounders of hogs may seem extreme to some, but this is the only way to keep hog numbers in check. These animals reproduce multiple times a year and biologists have estimated in the past that hunters need to shoot seven out of every 10 animals just to keep the population stable where it is right now!

Feral hog populations in Texas are estimated to be near 1.5 million and steadily growing every year. A whole sounder of these animals can destroy a farmer's hard work for the year in a single night if they hit his field. They have been known to attack people and even kill people on occasion. That is why tactics to control these animals are merciless and so aggressive. Humans literally have no other choice at this point.

The guys in this video pulled off some mighty fine shooting to take out as many animals as they did here. Great quality optics helped significantly in that regard. Can you believe the detail that was present in this video? A mouse would have a hard time hiding from this thermal vision, let alone a feral hog.

We can only hope that as the quality of optics goes up, the feral hog population will go down slightly and Texas can start to get this problem under control.

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