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Texas Woman Attacked and Killed by Feral Hogs

feral hog attack

A 59-year-old Texas woman died of "exsanguination due to feral hog assault."

Feral hogs are becoming more of a problem in the Lone Star State, now even resulting in a fatality.

On Sunday, when Christine Rollins, 59, went to the home of an elderly couple she watchers after in Anahuac, Texas, several feral hogs attacked and killed her.

Authorities from the Chambers County Sheriff's Office say the 84-year-old homeowner found her body lying in the front yard between her car and the front door.

Tragic DeathSheriff Brian Hawthorne reports that early this morning the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office received a...

Posted by Chambers County Sheriff's Office on Sunday, November 24, 2019

Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said there was "no doubt" multiple hogs attacked her, as different-sized bites covered her body.

In a press conference earlier this week, he said Jefferson County medical examiners ruled the cause of death as an "exsanguination due to feral hog assault," which means she died of blood loss.

"We had suspected that," he said. "My detectives and the criminal investigation team felt like that's what it was, but it was not something that we could even come close to announcing until we had the cause of death from the medical examiner's office."

Officials believe the hog attack happened at 6 a.m. when Rollins was making her way to the front door, and that she also fell and hit her head at some point.

"In my 35 years, I can tell you that it's one of the worst things I've seen," Hawthorne said. "This is a very rare incident, just what little research we have found less than six of these have been reported in the nation."

Rollins' death will be deemed an accident, according to authorities.

"I can tell you feral hogs are a problem across the state of Texas," Hawthorne said. "They are definitely a problem in this county."



Texas Woman Attacked and Killed by Feral Hogs