Hog Hunting
YouTube: Schwein Jager

Homemade 8-Inch Expandable Broadhead is Devastating on Feral Hogs from a 40mm Cannon

Is this the most ridiculous method of taking a feral hog ever?

Feral hogs have become an extreme problem in parts of the south, especially Texas. These animals reproduce quickly and cause thousands of dollars of destruction to farmer's crops. They can also hurt native wild game populations by eating turkey eggs or even by attacking fawns.

As a result, many states have taken an "anything goes" attitude towards dealing with the animals. As a result, some hunters have experimented with some very strange ways of harvesting them.

In this video today, YouTuber Schwein Jager has created a gigantic, 8-inch broadhead. It makes for the most ridiculous cutting radius you have ever seen from a broadhead. To fire this huge projectile, he uses a 40mm cannon. It is a harvest you must see to believe.

It was clear from the slow-motion footage that this broadhead had a devastating effect on this hog. It effectively gutted this hog before it ever left the field. This video is a testament to the true toughness of a feral hog. The fact that it was able to run anywhere after being hit with a projectile like this is nothing short of amazing.

We know that some people might question the ethics of this harvest. Most hunters will agree you want the animal to go down as quickly as possible. In that regard, this seemed to do the job, albeit with some extreme meat loss.

This is not the first time this guy has used his homemade 40mm blackpowder cannon to hunt hogs. He has also used grape shot out of it to great effect. There is no denying a cannon is an extreme, but effective hog hunting tool.

It does have us wondering what can be done to top this as far as extreme feral hog eradication methods go. We suppose we will find out in due time!