Adrian Avena/Instagram

Wisconsin Deer Retrieve Has 'Wet and Cold' Written All Over It

"If it keeps getting deeper, your nuts are going to get cold!"

Retrieving a downed deer isn't always the easiest job. It's as if a whitetail instinctively knows that by collapsing in the most hard-to-get-to spot, it'll end up getting the last laugh. The following video is a prime example of that.

Adrian Avena, a professional bass fisherman who hails from New Jersey, was hunting Wisconsin whitetail with friends Nov. 12. As posted to his Instagram account, Avena didn't get a shot at the buck featured in his video, but his friend Mark Finner did from about 70 yards away.

As you're about to see, the buck expired in a precarious spot.

WARNING: Strong Language.

You just knew that retrieve was going to be frigidly funny from the get go! And, the comments from the "peanut gallery" definitely added comedic value to this great video.

Best pick up some chest waders for next season, Mark. Just saying.

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