Electric Snowmobile
YouTube: Snow-Bike.ru

Outdoor Gear We Want: The Snow Scooter Electric Snowmobile

This electric snowbike looks like tons of fun.

We can never have enough outdoor gear. It's one of the curses of loving the outdoors. There is always something new and amazing that just grabs our eyes and is a must-have the second we see it. That's the case with this electric snowbike called the Sniejik or Snow Scooter.

It's more of an electric scooter built for extreme off-road terrain. Whatever it is, this thing just looks like a ton of fun and a useful little vehicle for hunters, fishermen or nature photographers.

Just watch the video of it tearing through snow drifts and down trails at the local park to see what we mean.

As you may have guessed from the video, it appears the Snow Scooter is a Russian design. Although from their website, it appears they ship anywhere in the world. The base model costs about $3,600, which puts it on par with a lot of hardcore electric fat tire bikes out there. Speaking of fat tire bikes, it seems they took a lot of design ideas from them. It has five speeds and the controls look similar to a bike's controls.

They make each one to order and then ship it out. According to the website, these snow bikes use a 200V battery which charges in four hours. Although they don't state exactly how much range you'll get on a single charge. They are built with or without optional seats. It uses hydraulic disc and electronic brakes for control. Some of the company's other promotional materials show a wheel that can be attached to the front fork. That means you could use this machine all year-round in a variety of conditions and terrain.

These aren't exactly speed machines. Speeds are comparable to what you'd get with an off-road flat tire bike in the same price range at about 27 miles per hour. Still, if you're using it to get back to a favorite hunting or fishing spot, that's more than enough. No matter which way you use it, this looks like a cure to cabin fever in the dead of winter to us!

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