Reverse Trike
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Snowmobile Converted to Homemade Reverse Trike Looks Dangerous and Fun

These guys converted a snowmobile into an all-season off-road trike!

Here at Wide Open Spaces we see plenty of crazy "redneck" creations from time to time. Whether it's someone turning a pickup truck into a pontoon boat, attaching a jet engine to a canoe, or even turning a lawnmower into a tank!

People can be pretty creative, especially during the current coronavirus pandemic that has given many people downtime. The guys in this video bought a 2007 1000cc, two-stroke Ski-Doo snowmobile with about 165 ponies of horsepower under the hood.

However, these guys aren't waiting for the snows to come. Nope, they have thought of something better. They turn this old snowmobile into an off-road reverse trike that rips pretty hard. Hear the builder explain the why and how of this fascinating creation in the video below.

This is one of those ideas that is so simple we were left asking ourselves: "Why didn't we think of that?" There was some real creativity in the re-purposing of many of these parts.

The result is a true "Frankenstein" creation of the motorsports world with the main portion being a snowmobile and parts from Polaris UTVs and even a Honda Civic and re-purposed street signs grafted on to make this machine work. This thing looks like it is a straight out of a "Mad Max" movie and we dig it!

It almost looks like this thing handles in dirt the same way a snowmobile does in deep, powdery snow. We both want to ride it and are absolutely terrified of it at the same time. It looks like the perfect solution for the die-hard snowmobiler who feels that winter is too short.

Our hat is off to these guys for their creativity in one of the coolest garage builds we've seen in a long time. We'll be watching their future projects closely in the future to see what else they can come up with!

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