Lawnmower Tank
YouTube:Burbon Moth Woodworking

Bored Woodworker Transforms Lawnmower into a Tank in His Garage

This guy built his lawnmower into a potato gun tank!

We all know that 2020 has been one the strangest years on record. With the coronavirus outbreak, many of us have been forced to stay at home due to social distancing guidelines. This has led to a ton of downtime and a lot of boredom for many people.

Most of us probably watch movies, go fishing or just complete household chores during these strange and difficult times. However, some people have taken advantage of this time to let their creativity soar.

That is the case with the guy in this video. Jason Hibbs owns Burbon Moth Woodworking and got a little bored once COVID-19 hit and customers stopped ordering the usual furniture he builds. He was not about to let that get him down. So, he decided to transform his lawn mower into a tank complete with a potato gun. It is a hilarious build that you must see to believe.

Okay, we did not see this one coming. Can you imagine looking over at your neighbor's house and seeing him roll out of his garage like that? And yes, this lawnmower still cuts the grass!

Out of all the unusual COVID-19 projects we have seen the last few months, this one is undoubtably the funniest of the bunch. Who WOULDN'T want a lawn mower that looks like a tank? Those stares from the neighbors? Those are all stares of envy. Plus, can your lawn mower defend you with a potato gun? I did not think so.

We love everything about this project, especially the way that he had no plan in mind when he started. He just started cutting wood and attaching 2x4s. The finished product looks fantastic and is sure to put a smile on the face of people everywhere. This guy's humor really helped make the video too. What a great memory this guy made for his son who will always be talking about the time "Dad made his lawnmower into a tank."

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