YouTube:Demolition Ranch

40-Ton Leopard Tank Busts Through an RV Like Nothing

This RV gets completely obliterated by a 40-ton Leopard 1 tank.

There are tons of used RVs for sale out there. Most of them have seen a few too many road trips and family vacations and are completely beyond repair. What possible use is there for something old and obsolete like this? Well, we suppose you could part it out at a scrap yard.

Or you could take it to a facility that lets you drive tanks and ram a 40-ton German Leopard tank through it at full speed. Why would you do that you ask? We think the better question is why WOULDN'T you want to do that?

That is exactly what Matt from Demolition Ranch does today. The result of this little stunt is one of the most satisfying pieces of footage we have seen in a long time. We think you will also get a kick out of Matt's Walter White from Breaking Bad impression about halfway through the video.

Well, that is going to hurt the resale value of that RV slightly!

If you are not familiar with the Leopard 1, this awesome fighting machine was first designed in West Germany back in 1965. While that makes this an old machine, these tanks are still in service with some countries. Some have even seen action as recently as Bosnia and the War in Afghanistan. Talk about an old warrior!

As Matt mentioned, this machine weighs a whopping 42 tons thanks to the heavy steel armor and the 105mm cannon that was not used in this video. It is powered by a 10-cylinder engine that pumps out 819 horsepower. There is not much that would likely stop this tank. We are pretty sure it could tear through the brick wall of a house at the same speed without slowing. As you saw in the video, it tore through that RV like it was made of tissue paper!

There was really no point to this video other than the fun in watching a heavy weapon of war tear cause some serious destruction, but that is the very reason we enjoyed every second of it. Matt truly is living the American dream making videos like this. We have to say, we are extremely jealous. Keep up the good work Matt and thanks for the laugh today!

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