YouTube: Comedian Catfish Cooley

Chugging Deer Piss and Whiskey... Never Ends Well

Catfish Cooley celebrates Thanksgiving and the second rut with a little swig of Wild Turkey Whiskey and some doe urine. You can guess the rest.

Many hunters love some Wild Turkey swigs after a long hunt, and many hunters also love the effects some doe urine can have on your hunt, bringing in those big bucks looking for a date.

But it is safe to say, not many people would like those two together. Catfish Cooley, although as redneck as they come, is no different.

Honoring and celebrating Thanksgiving and the second rut, Cooley gulps down a whole bottle of Wild Turkey in seconds and then begins to chase it down with a bottle of deer piss. And, you guessed it, the so-called "Money Shot" did not stay down long.

Watch the video below:

If you have ever used doe urine as a hunting tool, you know the stench it has. And that odor sticks around like nothing else on the earth, you just can't get rid of it.

Now, think of that smell, sitting in your mouth. It is hard to imagine. And, according to this video and Catfish Cooley's reaction, it is hard to keep down as well. What better music to be played than "Bad to the Bone"?

Crazy what people will do for some views. But, if you have a buck tag left, hanging around this guy the next time he uses the bathroom may not be a bad idea.