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Hunting Myth Buster: Does Peeing in the Woods Scare Deer Away? [VIDEO]

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Who has brought a bottle in their pack instead of peeing in the woods during deer season?

Peeing in the woods during deer season is about as taboo as it gets when it comes to hardcore hunting for white tails.

Hunters go to great lengths to regulate their fluid intake before going hunting, just to avoid this whole scenario altogether. However, do you have to?

According to the guy in this video, just let it fly.

The science behind human urine in the woods is sparse. However, there is lots of talk on hunting message boards and social media sites regarding this issue. For the most part, deer just don't care.

Even Dr. James Kroll, commonly known as Dr. Deer, says that human urine, by itself, does not scare deer. What further proof do you need than that?

The only thing a deer's nose knows when it smells urine is that something just went to the bathroom. In this article, human urine turns out to be one of the best options for creating a mock scrape.

This season, you don't need to tuck an empty bottle in your backpack anymore. The overwhelming evidence from the hunting community is that peeing in the woods has little to no affect on deer behavior whatsoever.

Just make sure that if you let it fly off of your treestand, the wind isn't in your face.

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Hunting Myth Buster: Does Peeing in the Woods Scare Deer Away? [VIDEO]