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Hickok45 Tackles the "Impossible to Miss" Shotgun Myth

shotgun myth

Is the shotgun the end-all in home defense?

Not so fast quick draw, you better watch this video.

Hickok45 blasts this myth with the fact that you can miss with a shotgun.

When it comes to the world of firearms and shooting, Hickok45 is heads and shoulders above the rest. What does Hickok45 have to say about the "you can't miss with a shotgun" myth?

Hickok45 has a shotgun loaded up with ordinary birdshot, which he fires away at a target at about room distance. Does the shot cover the whole target, as some think, allowing the shooter not to really aim with a shotgun? No. It actually blows a fist-sized hole right out the the center of the target. This is replicated at even a farther distance, showing that a shotgun's spread won't guarantee a hit during a home invasion.

When you hear that some use a shotgun for home defense since "you can't miss with a shotgun," you now know that is an urban myth. Hickok45 has spoken.

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Hickok45 Tackles the "Impossible to Miss" Shotgun Myth