Celebrate in Style With These 'Purrrfect' Christmas Gifts for Cats

The holidays aren't just for the people in our lives.

Are Christmas gifts for cat a real thing? The holidays inspire warm feelings toward the important people in our lives. We express those feelings, among other ways, with gifts. Spending on holiday gifts is such a boost to the economy that in 1939 President Franklin Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving up a week to lengthen the shopping season.

In those days, it was unlikely that many folks bought Christmas gifts for cats. But in 2021, we've been, happily, enlightened. If gifts are one way we tell someone "You're a valuable part of my life," then certainly the furballs in our lives should receive holiday presents. We love and value them too, of course! Let's consider a few budget-friendly options sure to bring joy to little feline hearts everywhere.

Best Christmas Gifts for Cats

Smokey's Stash Christmas Cat Stocking

Here is a holiday stocking full of catnip toys (including a catnip filled Christmas tree), sisal rope mice, and crinkle balls. Sisal is good for scratching, catnip for relaxing and crinkle balls for batting around. Hang it by the chimney if you have one.

Pet Stages Cat Tracks Toy

Your cat has the soul of a tiger. Kitty's hunting instincts will be expressed through this toy as she bats and swats three balls along three tracks. The toy provides both mental and physical stimulation, making it one of the most popular Christmas gifts for cats.

PetSafe Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Cats often don't drink enough from a bowl of still water. They prefer their H2O to flow—thus their fascination with faucets. The Drinkwell fountain has cascading water that will entice your tabby to lap up more water. Proper hydration is key to preventing kidney and urinary tract problems.

Temptations Holiday Dinner Turkey and Sweet Potato Cat Treats

Turkey and sweet potatoes are seasonal staples on our tables—and now the family cat can get in on the action! These festive morsels are 100 percent nutritionally complete, so can also serve as a meal topper or even as a special holiday dinner on their own.

Potaroma Flopping Fish

A distant cousin of Billy Bass? This fish doesn't sing, but it sure does move. And it has a catnip pouch! (Catnip is included). It's rechargeable, so no need to worry about batteries. And it comes in four varieties: carp, clownfish, rainbow trout, and red carp. This realistic and wiggly fish will add to the holiday cheer for you and your feline friend.

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