10 Useful & Affordable Christmas Gifts for Fur Babies and Awesome Pet Parents

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Here at Wide Open Pets, we love the holiday season. Especially me. As a Leo, I can't help but want to buy everyone I love useful gifts, which is why I'm helping you pick out the best gifts for dogs and their awesome pet parents.

No worries, this list doesn't include the bag of pet treats your friend buys all the time, a new leash, a dog puzzle, or a boring ol' tug toy your pet wore out years ago. These gifts are fun, unique, useful, and most of all, affordable. See what your pupper or (your favorite dog owner) will appreciate.

Best Gifts for Dogs (That Aren't Your Typical Dental Dog Chews or Dog Toys)

1. A Unique Dog Treat That Will Make Your Canine Feel Human for a Day

Forget your typical chicken-flavored goodies and dog food. Dogs want to eat what we eat! Treat your dog to these canine-friendly cookies. The dog-safe cookies will make your dog wonder why you never shared your cookies with them.

That'll be your little secret! Check out all of these reviews from Amazon. Pet parents are raving about Three Dogs Bakery.

Flavors included: Oats & apple, vanilla, and peanut butter. Grab this bag for only $16.

2. Dog Bed (Under $40)

This $39 bed from Bedsure is a top-rated orthopedic dog bed for medium-sized dogs. Place this Christmas present under the Christmas tree for your sweet, sleepy pup.

The bed evenly distributes your dog's weight and adds extra support to your pet's neck and head for better sleep. The non-slip bottom is also a plus, making it safe. There's even a removable cover for easy cleaning.

3. Holiday Dog Bandana

If your dog loves dressing up for Halloween, then they'll be excited when they see these holiday bandanas. Add a Christmas or New Year's accessory to your dog's wardrobe.

(If they don't mind a nice ensemble, consider a Santa costume or dog sweater.)

4. Dog Christmas Stocking

Pet owners (or friends of pet owners) can gift dogs these dog stockings. Fill it up with affordable squeaky toys, a new dog collar, and chew toys from Chewy. The Christmas stocking is the real gift, though. Pet owners will be able to use it for years and years!

You can even get a dog's name embroidered on it.

5. Bath Towel

Some dogs will never get used to bath time. To help dogs dry up quickly after a bath, consider a high-quality bath towel for them. The sooner they're dry, the sooner you get to snuggle together!

This $30 towel can be personalized with your dog's name on it. To top things off, for each towel sold, iHeartDogs donates seven meals to shelter dogs in need.

Jeannice gave the towel a five-star rating and wrote, "They provide two regular towel which don't come close to working for our 50 lbs pup. I purchased two and they worked well and he loved them. Would highly recommend."

Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

We wanted to compile a holiday gift guide to make a pet parent's life a bit easier. None of these gift ideas are for dogs to eat or chew on. Simply, some gifts that will come in handy for the dog owner on the go.

1. Portable Dog Water Bottle

Here's a budget-friendly water bottle for dogs. This bottle is perfect for any dog breed. Whether your favorite pet parent has a small dog or large dog, chances are, they want to take them out in public every now and then to soak in some fun at a nice patio restaurant, park, or a good ol' walk.

This water bottle is a great gift, especially for hikers or for anyone who spends time outside. Any responsible pet parent knows dog bowls can get taken fast when it comes to dining outside. With this Amazon pick for water bottles, any pooch can enjoy its own source of water.

The $16 water bottle can hold up to 12 ounces of water and is leak-proof. There's a silica seal ring to keep it shut. It is made from food-grade material, of course!

It's so easy to use, just fill the bottle and press the water key. A customer gave it five stars and wrote, "This water bottle is truly a godsend! I cannot imagine using any other travel water bottle for my pups! It is slim, fits perfectly in a bottle slot in my travel bag; it is lightweight and has a loop to put around my wrist when I walk with my pups."

2. Candle for Pet Odor

Sometimes dogs cause a foul odor, for example, after it rains. When a doggy gets wet, the rain causes a funky smell that can leave an unpleasant odor on anything they touch. This candle will fight their furry friend's "wet dog smell."

Plus, it's the holiday season. Everyone needs a good candle to make homes smell amazing and feel comfy. This $14 candle removes odor and leaves a delicious vanilla scent behind.

3. Pet Hair Remover

This little washable device will come in handy for pet owners who are tired of constantly having pet hair dried into their favorite pair of leggings.

The $11 gadget is better than using a lint roller. Not only can you use it in the washer, but you can also use it in the dryer. In addition, it's reusable, hypoallergenic, and safe for kid's clothing.

4. Pet Cover for Car Seat

This pet cover is the perfect gift for travelers. If you have pets (or know a pet owner), then you know that detailing a car is much more expensive when fur is everywhere in a car. Prevent fur buildup in cars with this backseat pet cover.

The $24 cover is for rear seats. However, Amazon has some for front seats as well. The waterproof cover is similar to a hammock in the way it fits your seat. You can install it in two minutes. (All it takes is snapping the four adjustable straps around your headrest.)

5. Travel Bag

Every dog mom needs a cute travel bag for her fur baby's favorite plush dog toys, food and water, and other essentials. This is a great gift for pet owners who need a way to pack a bag for a dog sitter easily.

The $38 travel bag is airline-approved, plus it's great for bikers since it's a backpack instead of a purse-style bag. It even has a mat for the included silicone water and food bowls. If you want to buy a dog Christmas gift that pet owners will be able to use for years, you can't go wrong with this bag.

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