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Remember These 10 Comic Book Characters' Insane Hunting Abilities?

Our favorite comic book characters are the ones with superhuman hunting skills.

Reading comic books as a pastime made fans out of generations of kids and adults alike. Outdoorsmen everywhere can relate to, and be jealous of, many of the characters gracing the pages of those fantasy magazines.

Here are ten of the most fun heroes and villains who use some kind of hunting technique.

1. Cheetah

Though there have been several secret identities of the beautiful and deadly Cheetah, this super-villainess is currently the alter ego of one Barbara Ann Minerva. Originally introduced in 1943, the Cheetah is a powerful foe of Wonder Woman.

Power: Strength, insane speed, razor sharp claws, and a deadly killer instinct.

2. The Falcon

The fictional Sam Wilson first appeared as the Falcon in the "Captain America" comics in 1969. He was the first ever African-American superhero and partner to the iconic "Cap."

Power: Jet-powered flight harness, infrared vision with 360-degree field of sight, cybernetically-controlled grappling line, and super mental link with his bird, Redwing.

3. Kraven the Hunter

An enemy of Spider-Man, Sergei Kravinoff is a super-villain known as Kraven the hunter. As a maniacal big game hunter, his life's ambition is to defeat the Amazing Spider-Man. He first appeared in Marvel Comics in August of 1964.

Power: Enhanced by an unknown jungle potion, he is endowed with speed, agility, animal-like senses and reflexes; all the abilities of the world's greatest hunter.

4. Green Arrow

His real name is Oliver Queen, but we all know him as the Green Arrow. He was first published in DC Comics' "More Fun Comics" way back in November of 1941! Known as a resident of Star City, the Green Arrow is an archer of unbelievable skill and range.

Power: Master archer with an over-the-top variety of specialized arrows. He was skilled in martial arts, swordplay, intelligent tactician, and computer hacking.

5. Tiger Shark

When the fictional Todd Arliss was severely injured in an accident, the evil Dr. Dorcas cured him by using the DNA of Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner and a shark; hence the super-villain Tiger Shark was born.

Power: Insane swimming speed, super strength, razor-like adamantium teeth, and a killer hunting instinct.

6. The Huntress

This DC universe character has had more than one incarnation over the years. A wild card at times, the Huntress is prone to extreme violence but has been an ally to the Batman and even the Justice League. Her secret identity as Helena Rosa Bertinelli is the modern version of this comic book hunter.

Power: Hand-held crossbow, super athletic, cat's eye vision.

7. Rhino

The Rhino first came into being in the mid-1960s. Aleksei Sytsevich was the original Rhino and gave him his start as a comic book bad guy. His stint as an opponent of Spider-Man is the most remembered.

Power: Gamma-ray powered superhuman strength, speed, and stamina; a thick polymer rhino hide suit (later to become armor) and two razor sharp horns.

8. Hawkeye

Actor Jeremy Renner is famous for giving new life to the character Clint Barton in the marvel cinematic film "The Avengers." Hawkeye, as the hero is known, is a wise-cracking archer of incredible skill. His bag of tricks includes exploding arrows, bolo arrows, and even grapple arrows.

Power: Insane archery skill, enhanced eyesight, master martial artist, superb pilot, and all those crazy cool arrows.

9. Tigra

This magically enhanced cat-person transformed into the human known as Greer Grant Nelson, A.K.A Tigra, in November of 1972. She mutated into the super-powered crime fighter Tigra two years later and the rest is history.

Power: Mega-animal speed, power, agility, retractable claws, and a killer instinct.

10. Wolverine

Introduced amazingly enough in an October, 1974 issue of "The Incredible Hulk," the fictional James "Logan" Howlett gave instant life to one of our favorite characters ever, the Wolverine. Made famous in recent years by actor Hugh Jackman in the "X-Men" movie franchise, this superhero is the toughest guy out there, and oh by the way, doesn't take any crap from anybody.

Power: Ultra human sense of sight, hearing, and especially smell. He also has mega-reflexes, unbelievable healing ability, an adamantium skeleton, and those crazy built-in claws.

Hunting is one of our favorite pastimes. If we could do it with the powers that this bunch has, it probably wouldn't be the same, but we'd do it anyway.

The next time you pick up the shotgun, rifle, or bow consider how hard hunting would be without all the tools that we're used to. We are pretty set in our ways when it comes to hunting our favorite game. I mean would you want to use an exploding arrow on a big buck? How about jumping on him with adamantium claws?

Yeah, me too.