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Remember When Someone Found a Bull Shark in Texas' Trinity River?

Bailey Juarez/Jared Moser via Facebook

Here's the dead shark story that had the internet buzzing, but did it really swim 40 miles inland?

On July 11, 2017, a discovery of a dead bull shark raised questions for a lot of folks. The most pressing, though, was how this 5-foot-long bull shark was able to swim 40 miles inland through the Trinity River from Galveston Bay. Did it really swim from the Houston area of the Gulf of Mexico, or did someone put it there?

Jared Moser discovered the decomposing shark while four-wheeling in Kenefick. Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Randy Button visited the makeshift grave the next morning, making the conclusion that the shark was deliberately dumped at this location. Tracks from where it had been dragged into the water, as well as evidence of a hook, made that determination easy.

My brother n law found a shark in trinity river 😱😱😱 out in Kenefick, TXPhoto creds: Jared Moser

Posted by Bailey Juarez on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Here's more on the story:

And here's the original video, as posted to Facebook:


Posted by Bailey Juarez on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Although this was a "false alarm," the possibility of a bull shark being found in the Trinity River, or other freshwater rivers for that matter, is very much real. So for all you swimmers out there, paddle carefully!

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Remember When Someone Found a Bull Shark in Texas' Trinity River?