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'Jen the Archer' Under Fire from Anti-Hunting Bullies in California

"Jen The Archer"

Anti-hunting groups are coming down hard on 'Jen The Archer' and hunting in California.

Jen Cordaro, also known as "Jen the Archer" spends much of her time in North County, California teaching children and young people how to hunt. Cordaro is now the main target of a petition to stop "Jen The Archer" from teaching hunting practices to kids, and to end hunting in California completely.

The petition was posted on Sunday, Jan. 25 and currently has over 2,700 signatures. The petition calls for ending hunting in California or at least placing a ban on youth or children hunting in California. It even goes so far as saying that Cordaro "brainwashes children into believing that murdering animals is a positive activity."

Cordaro says that she has received death threats since the petition was launched;

It's a little scary to have people tell me that they're going to come and find me and murder me with the same weapon I murdered an animal with.

"Jen the Archer" stands by her hunting practices, saying everything is done legally and that she will continue sharing her passion with children. Coradro is a former vegetarian who took up hunting to make sure that all the meat she harvests and eats is organic, and harvested cleanly.

Cordaro has started a #BringAKidCampaign, that encourages hunters to take a kid hunting, and introduce them to the world of hunting to harvest their own food. She is worried about the negative pressure that is being projected onto herself as "Jen the Archer" and the #BringAKidCampaign, but continues to hunt and educate children in the art of hunting.

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'Jen the Archer' Under Fire from Anti-Hunting Bullies in California