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Wolverine to the Rescue! [VIDEO]

Watch this video to see a domesticated wolverine “save” a trapped human from a snow drift.

Wolverines in the wild are well known for being extremely elusive and cunning creatures. After watching this video, it will be clear that they should also be known for their strength and survival prowess.

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In this video uploaded by NatGeoWild, an orphaned wolverine named Jasper helps to free a person in a simulated avalanche drift.

Jasper shows off his superior sense of smell as well as his strength by first digging a hole into the drift and then easily pulling the person free from the snow by a glove.

Although the wolverine in this video was raised by humans, wild wolverines also exhibit this digging behavior when they locate an animal carcass buried under deep snow during the brutal winters that affect much of the wolverine’s habitat range.

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Despite the abilities that Jasper displayed in this video, don’t expect a wild wolverine to help out in quite the same way if you ever find yourself buried in some deep snow.

Do you have any stories about animals rescuing humans from peril? If so, share them below in the comments section.

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Wolverine to the Rescue! [VIDEO]