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Cats Shaved Like Mini Dinosaurs Is the New Pawtastic Grooming Trend

Dinosaur cats are found all over Instagram and Pinterest. The cats look adorable and many are shaved to look like a mini-Stegosaurus! 

This trend is very Jurassic World. I agree with most that the dinosaur cuts are beautiful and it takes an artist to achieve this look. The pet groomers sharing photos are better known as groomer-artists. I don't live with any beautiful felines but if I did I'd be looking at dinosaur cuts for my four-legged friends.

One of the original groomers that started this trend posted this video on their YouTube channel,

"I'm the owner of a pet shop and groomers, this is one of the most fashionable cat hairstyles."

Is it okay to shave your cat's fur?

There are pros and cons to shaving cats. Some experts recommend only shaving if there is a medical reason.

The benefits include:

  • Shedding is more manageable
  • Minimize hairballs
  • Assists cats with limited mobility

The downside is this experience could be very stressful depending on the personality of your cat. (This goes for dogs too). Skin allergies are also a reason to consider alternatives to shaving your cat. Always consult with your vet before making this decision as there may be underlying medical issues too that will need to be weighed against a dinosaur cut.

Cat owners are all familiar with lion cuts but it's the dino-cats that are all the rage for now. Social media is buzzing with these dino-cats and we understand why. The cut is adorable. These cat groomers are indeed artists and masters of this new look.

Cat grooming or pet grooming is also done at the vet hospital by technicians. There are medical circumstances when trimming fur or taking out mats from long haired cats is something that must be done for their overall health and well being. Vet techs will even do a lion cut!

Always ask your vet about grooming services if you think your cat can benefit and they should also be consulted if you're considering extensive grooming to ensure your feline friend is a good candidate. Not all cats do well during a cat haircut and safe procedures should always be followed.

Have you considered this dinosaur shave for your cat? Please leave a comment below. 

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