A New Haircut Completely Transforms This Homeless Shih Tzu

You should never underestimate the power of a fresh haircut.

While playful puppies and classically cute dogs get all the attention at the shelter, older, ungroomed pups are often overlooked. They're seen as being dirty and unkempt, and something as simple as their temporary appearance can be a major hurdle keeping them from getting adopted. Max, a senior Shih Tzu from California, had this problem, but rescuers knew exactly what to do.

When Max was picked up by animal control, he was in rough shape. His fur was raggedy and caked with filth with scraggly bits of hair hanging over his eyes. It was clear he'd been on his own for a while, but his friendly personality made him a great candidate for adoption. All he needed was a new look.


To help Max and several other dogs find new homes, a company called Hollywood Groomers decided to donate their services to animals in need. They sent four mobile grooming vans and five groomers to the shelter to do what they do best. When it was Max's turn, he got the celebrity treatment.

The Shih Tzu enjoyed a warm bath that removed weeks' worth of dirt from his long hair and sat patiently while he was brushed and dried. His groomer took the clippers to trim up his unruly mane and carefully trimmed the hair around his face, legs, and paws. After a long session, Max was transformed. His dingy fur changed color to a sparkling white, and he was clean and fluffy instead of greasy and disheveled. With a nail trim and bow tie to complete his look, the little Shih Tzu returned to the shelter with renewed confidence and a better chance of finding a new forever family.

Hollywood Groomers donated grooming sessions to 56 dogs that day. All of them, including Max, have since gone on to find new homes.

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