Purina's Cat Food Advent Calendar Is A Holiday Season Must-Have

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Not your average advent calendar- this cat food advent calendar is an incredible step up into the world of spoiling your feline! 

With Christmas around the corner, pet owners are looking for unique gifts to spoil their furry friends. If you want to spoil your furry friend, there are a few different trending advent calendars available that you can easily get behind. Wide Open Pets got the chance to check out the new limited edition Fancy Feast wet cat food advent calendar ahead of the holiday season- and it is amazing!

Advent Calendar for Cats

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If you and your adult cat love to countdown the days until Christmas, you may want to check out the Fancy Feast Advent Calendar. Cat lovers everywhere will appreciate the adorable packaging and cute accessories that come with this adorable 24-days of Christmas calendar. Honestly, the packaging itself is almost too cute to open. The double doors of the house-styled box open into a lovely Christmas scene (complete with a roaring fire) with the signature white Fancy Feast cat wandering around by a Christmas tree, ready to enjoy the feast-ivities.

While cat treats may not always go over well for your feline friends, most kitties can appreciate a good pate. The holiday advent calendar is filled with tasty Purina Fancy Feast flavors that pet parents have come to know and love, plus some limited-edition holiday recipes like Hearthside Salmon platter with Pumpkin and Spinach Pate and Yuletide Turkey Feast with Sweet Potato and Tomato. In addition, there are 8 Fancy Feast Classics, 9 Medleys, 3 Gourmet Naturals, and 4 of the Fancy Feast Festive Edition Recipies.

I'm no cat, but those sound like pretty tasty medleys to me! I'm sure your best friend is going to love these best sellers as much as mine does. An advent calendar is also the most fun way to enjoy a variety pack of flavors if your cat has not had the chance to enjoy many of the wet food flavors.

If you are looking for some stocking stuffers or cat toys, there are advent calendars for both of those too! You may just end up starting a new holiday tradition with your cat.

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