15 Funny Camping Puns to Release The... Tent-sion

Are you about to embark on a camping trip? There is no better feeling than organized the camping gear and packing up the car for a weekend getaway in the woods. Whether you are taking your love bird on a romantic adventure, heading on a road trip, or going with the family to a reunion on the river, there is no better way to add some laughter with some optimum funny camping puns.

If you do not have a camping trip planned, be sure to add some of these to your joke bank to whip out the next time you go camping. We just add a disclaimer though, most of these camping jokes are ultimate dad-joke status and may be too punny for you to handle. We encourage you to be the camper slanging this cringe-worthy camping humor all over the next national park you visit.

15 of the Most "In-Tents" Camping Puns 

1. Release the tent-sion with an amazing camping trip

2. I do not know about you, but camping sure is in-tents

3. Loosen up, your too tents

4. I will take S'more chocolate and marshmallows, please


5. Sorry, I only talk in the past tents

6. Alpaca tent, you pack the rest of the camping gear

7. I'm a happy camper

8. I can't bear any more camping puns

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9. The perfect match: me and my sleeping bag

10. Camp s'more, worry less

11. Can we pitch the tent? Camper van!

12. Camping is the best to get some alone pine

13. Llama love camping forever

14. I could camp forest of my life

15. I caravan about you

We hope these funny camping jokes made you chuckle and inspired you to get into the camping spirit. If you want to take it to the next level, buy your favorite camper a punny camping T-shirt like this one from Amazon.

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