25 Campfire Jokes That'll Really Heat Up The Crowd

Whether you're a seasoned boy scout, a summer camp counselor, or a first time camper, it's good to have a trove of campfire jokes to turn to when the sun sets. While spooky campfire stories and riddles are all well and good, it's often the hilarious jokes and one liners that really stick. If you want to get top reviews from your fellow campers, you should memorize a few of these funny jokes.

Although the small selection of the dad jokes you'll find here are a great start, there are literally thousands of camping jokes out there. If you're looking for more, consider picking up best sellers like Thomas Mercaldo, whose joke books "Scout Jokes" and "Scout Skits" can be easily added to your Amazon wish list.

Since even the speediest of deliveries still takes one day, we hope you enjoy the short list of silly jokes below.

25 Un-BEAR-able Camping Jokes

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1. Why does Humpty Dumpty like camping in Autumn? Because he had a great fall!

2. Did you know you can't run through a campsite? You can only 'ran' through a campsite, because it's 'past tents'!

3. How was you camping trip? It was in-tents!

4.What's the easiest way to talk to a fish? Drop it a line!

5. What's every tree's favorite drink? Root beer!

6. Why doesn't anyone want to go camping on the first of April? Because they just finished a 31-day March!

7. What did the trees wear when they took a dip in the lake? Swimming trunks!

8. Where do fish keep their money? In the riverbank!

9. Why did the married campers get anxious when they went camping with another couple? It was two tents!

10. What makes a fish blush? Seeing a lake's bottom!

11. What did the ocean say to the campers? Nothing, it just waved!

12. How can you tell a dogwood tree from a pine tree? By its bark!

13. How do you stay warm in a tent at night? Sleep in the corner, because its always 90 degrees!

14. Why did chocolate leave graham cracker for the marshmallows? Because it liked them s'more!

15. How do trees make so many friends? They branch out!

16. How did the camper's sleeping bag get stretched out? They were in it too long!

17. There was a kidnapping in these woods once... It's okay, he woke up the next day!

18. Knock knock. Who's there? Hoo. Who hoo? Uh oh, watch out for the owl!

19. How do you turn soup into gold? Add 24 carrots!

20. What do you call a deer who has no eyes? No eye-deer!

21. What is brown and sticky? A stick!

22. What did the beaver say after chewing through the tree's branch? It's been nice gnawing you!

23. Why didn't the elephant need a backpack for the hiking trip? Because it kept everything in its trunk!

24. How do termites get on the internet? They log in!

25. What did the llama say when it got invited on a camping trip? Alpaca my bags!

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This article was originally published April 27, 2021.

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